A blood thinner injection can boost you IVF success

Blood Thinner Injection Can Boost You IVF Success

Poor fertility outcomes in women with repeated unsuccessful IVF present significant challenges in assisted reproduction, and various adjuncts, including heparin (blood thinner), are used for potential improvement in pregnancy rates. We performed a collective review of the available good-quality studies that evaluated the effects of low-molecular-weight heparin (LMWH) on live birth rates (LBRs) and implantation rates (IRs) in women with repeated IVF failure. We pooled results from three studies, which included 245 women with repeated IVF failure and assessed the difference in live birth rates. The results showed showed a significant improvement in the live birth rates by 79%  and a reduction in the miscarriage rate by 22%  with LMWH compared with controls. The summary analysis for the numbers needed to be treated with LMWH showed that approximately eight women would require treatment to achieve one extra live birth…read more

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Dear Mr Gelbaya, I am shocked and delighted all at once. This may seem insane but I have taken 6 pregnancy tests, yes six!, yesterday and today and they are all positive. I nearly fainted when i did a test. I just didn’t believe it after I had spent the weekend grieving that I may never have a baby if ICSI was not successful