Chocolate cyst: best management approach

Chocolate cyst, also known as endometrioma or endometriotic ovarian cyst is commonly seen in women of reproductive age who may wish to preserve their fertility. Surgical removal is associated with a high recurrence rate and its employment for women undergoing assisted conception has recently been challenged. Medical treatment has not been shown to be effective in controlling symptoms or improving fertility potential. The results of retrospective and non-randomized studies have been inconsistent and created an ongoing debate between gynaecologists and fertility specialists. We have published a review article in order to critically appraises the evidence for management of chocolate cyst (endometrioma) in women of reproductive age. Read our publication

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Dear Mr Gelbaya, I am shocked and delighted all at once. This may seem insane but I have taken 6 pregnancy tests, yes six!, yesterday and today and they are all positive. I nearly fainted when i did a test. I just didn’t believe it after I had spent the weekend grieving that I may never have a baby if ICSI was not successful