WOW (Wonder WORDS of wisdom) for young 40s+

  1. Menopause is woman’s initiation into a grace-filled time of life, an initiation given by life itself and witnessed and celebrated by her family, her society and herself. To optimize this transformation, one can initiate true wellness practices and intentions early, in the 30’s if not the 20’s, to ensure an empowered and graceful menopause.
  1. Balancing your emotional health is very important .Eventually; the stress of life can take their toll, both physically and emotionally. When you start to feel yourself getting out of balance, focus on practical ways to simplify your life. For example, when you’re making your weekly schedule, take out half the things on your calendar. You probably don’t need to do half those things anyway. Remember, the world is not going to crumble if your table is cluttered or you don’t pick up the fresh fruits.
  1. Exercise is the mantra to reduce stress and release toxins. Exercise is vitally important for women of all ages but at this juncture of life make it a part of daily routine essentials like brushing your teeth. . A combination of cardio exercises (such as running, working out on the treadmill, or taking an aerobics class) to burn calories and weight-bearing exercises (using free weights or machines) to build muscle and strong bones is best. Mix it with stretching through yoga or Pilates rounds Make sure to etch some time in for yourself no matter what.
  1. Women number one killer is heart disease not cancers. After menopause risk for Heart disease and stroke risk are increased and they should be monitored closely monitored in women regardless of the fact that heart disease is the number-one killer of females. If you’re at a high-risk for heart disease because of genetics or lifestyle, ask your doctor to get your lipids checked. Another important marker is C-reactive protein — or CRP — appears to be correlated to heart disease risk. Inflammation (swelling) of the arteries has been linked to an increased risk of heart disease, heart attack, stroke, and peripheral arterial disease.
  1. Supplements you need –B-complex vitamins to help ease stress; naturally anti-inflammatory fish oil supplements ,primrose oil ,and folic acid, which is important for any woman (take at least 400 mcg/day).as it can help to prevent heart disease. Finally, calcium and magnesium starting at age 35 is crucial for helping to prevent osteoporosis. These minerals can also help with PMS, muscle tension, and help you to sleep better naturally
  1. It’s never too late to start and improve the health of your bones. Osteoporosis is another huge topic for women. In many ways, we’re still figuring it out and trying to determine the best ways to prevent it. It’s important to get plenty of calcium in your diet through whole foods and supplements,. It’s also crucial that women are doing weight-bearing exercises, such as weight lifting, in order to strengthen their bones.
  1. Natural therapies for peri-menopausal and menopausal vitamin E, and soy isoflavones. I don’t recommend that people stay on something forever, as I re-evaluate every few months and every year.
  1. Choose a doctor who cares about you as a person not as a disease. Whom you can trust and talk freely about all your doubts and frustrations.

The change of life?  The end of fertility?  The beginning of freedom? Whatever people call it, menopause is a unique and personal experience for every woman.  So age gracefully and enjoy life .


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Dear Mr Gelbaya, I am shocked and delighted all at once. This may seem insane but I have taken 6 pregnancy tests, yes six!, yesterday and today and they are all positive. I nearly fainted when i did a test. I just didn’t believe it after I had spent the weekend grieving that I may never have a baby if ICSI was not successful